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A Jungle Mobile for Baby Jack...

Hi! I'm Nicola from FeltTails and this is my story.

So it all began when I was pregnant with my beautiful baby boy, Jack. I decided to use my maternity leave time before he arrived to brighten up his cot and nursery. I've always myself loved two things: monkeys and bright colours. 🙈 So, of course, I combined these two loves of mine into nursery decor for baby Jack (in the hope that he will follow in Mummy's footsteps to love animals and brightly coloured things too!) 

After I'd filled Jack's nursery with as much as I could fit, I didn't want to stop! So that's where the idea developed to make felty goodness for other people's baby boys and girls. 

So now that baby Jack is here my days are super full up with him of course! But when I get a little 'me time' I love nothing more than to design and make more nursery decor to fill up my little shop. 
I studied Textile Design at Uni a few years ago, so designing and creating comes naturally, and I am so grateful to all FeltTails customers that I get to use a skill that I really enjoy. 
It has now become my mission to fill your little one's lives with three things... 
Colour, Fun and Cute!

So why don't you take a little look inside and hopefully you'll like what I do! :) 

Thanks for reading our story!

Nicola x

Nicola from FeltTails


If you need to contact me you can do so at nicola@felttails.co.uk or by post FeltTails, 60 Graces Field, Stroud, Glos, GL5 4EN, UK.