Learn to make your own Felt Monkey Garland

Felt garlands Nursery decor

A step-by-step tutorial to make your own Monkey Nursery Garland

These adorable baby monkeys love holding hands in this garland! Their cuteness will be the perfect addition to your nursery or playroom. This easy sewing tutorial shows you how to sew your own monkey nursery garland.

Learn how to make your own monkey garland

You will need:

🐵 Good Quality Felt in pale yellow, grey, dark blue, turquoise and pale blue. (or use an alternative colour palette)
Matching coloured threads 
Sewing needle
Large sewing needle, with a wide eye (wide enough to fit the twine or ribbon)
Ribbon or twine
Cricut Maker or alternative felt cutting machine (optional)
PDF print out of pattern pieces or SVG file for cutting machine ⬇️

Sewing the monkeys

1. Firstly stitch the eyes and mouth onto each face. Use black thread to layer tiny stitches in a star shape, following the photo as a guide. Felt monkey face

2. Now stitch the yellow face onto the pale blue monkey head, the grey faces onto the dark blue and yellow heads, and the blue faces onto the grey and turquoise heads. Use a simple running stitch and corresponding threads.

3. Lay two of the matching coloured arms on top of each other and stitch together. Do the same with all of the other arms. Felt monkey garland tutorial

4. Lay two matching coloured bodies on top of each other. Slide and pin the matching coloured arms and tail in between the two layers, using the photo as a guide. Stitch this body together, starting at the top where the head would go, working your way around, ensuring to stitch through the arms and tail. Insert the toy stuffing as your stitching nears the top.  Monkey garland sewing tutorialMonkey DIY nursery garland

5. Now lay the two matching coloured head shapes together and pin. One should be on top of the body shapes, and one underneath, so that the body is trapped between the heads. Stitch around the head and insert a very tiny amount of toy stuffing inside.

 Learn how to sew your own monkey garland

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to complete all 5 coloured monkeys. 

Assembling the Garland

1. Thread the ribbon onto the extra large needle. Carefully wiggle the ribbon and needle through the neck of each animal.

2. Once the monkeys are arranged in the order that you would like, space them out nicely. Fold over the edge of the ribbon at one end, and stitch one button on top. Do the same at the other end.

3. Join the hands of the monkeys together with a few tiny simple stitches.

 Felt monkey DIY garland

Your monkey garland is complete!

I hope you've enjoyed learning how to sew your own super cute monkeys, don't forget you can download the pattern or purchase the full kit for this nursery garland below.

We love to see what you've been up to, share your felt creations on social media using #FeltTails

Download the SVG cutting pattern

Download the PDF pattern and instructions

See what else you can make today.


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How to sew your own felt monkey garland

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